Pasta crafted to let you glow

Forget heaviness and bloating. Welcome energy and delight!


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More protein

More than 16g per serving 1xbet apk!


Less carbs

Low GI: feel fuller for longer


No Bloating

Feel light and energised


Wheat free

Just 2 ingredients, 100% clean

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*We currently serve Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland 1xbet apk download

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“Just had your DIVINE pasta with pesto and sprinkle of Parmesan 1xbet tz app. Absolutely gorgeous x”


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“Genuinely obsessed with Leaves high protein buckwheat and chickpea pastas! Midweek 10 mins dinner…”


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“Even my very fussy daughter loved your buckwheat & chickpeas pasta”


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“Just had my first pack – buckwheat and chickpea garlic penne. I love this product having had trouble with digesting pasta for afew years now. Now I can cook up my favourite dishes.”


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