The nutrients you need, the taste you deserve

Never feel drained again: PastaMagic boosts your energy and your mood.

PastaMagic is made with organic buckwheat and chickpeas, with traditional methods that preserve nature’s goodness.

Choose food created for the specific needs of the female body and crafted with care. Like PastaMagic.

Because loving yourself starts over dinner. And you deserve to shine, every day.

Leaves’ PastaMagic: Celebrating You.

Have you ever felt heavy, stuck or exhausted at the end of yet another frantic day?
Regardless of what they say, combining professional and family responsibilities is hard work.

When you treat yourself to the right food, you recharge your body and boost your mood.

Leaves’ PastaMagic is nutritious, grain-free pasta specifically designed for women with a busy lifestyle.

  • It’s rich in essential minerals (with 39% of your daily Iron requirements)
  • Packed with energy (with more than 16g of protein per portion!)
  • Easy to digest (thanks to our gentle process and our unique recipe)
  • It’s a source of Vitamin B6, to support your immune system.

With Leaves PastaMagic, you can finally feel light, energised and accomplished at the end of your day.


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“PastaMagic has become my favourite feel good food. It makes me feel light and energised. And it tastes great too! My kids and my husband (not really a foodie) love it too, which makes taking care of myself a little easier”

Rachel B.

38, Dublin

In each bite of PastaMagic you’ll taste:

  • The passion of the organic farmers that grow our ingredients.
  • The timeless sound of Italian stone mills, infusing the flour with the pride of people who built their family history by hand.
  • The experience of 3 generations of Italian pasta makers, and their genuine love for their craft.

We make hugs in the shape of pasta, and you absolutely deserve this extra love!

Here’s why PastaMagic will help you conquer your days:

Have look on the back of our pack:

    • Grain-free pasta made from 100% Organic buckwheat and chickpeas. PastaMagic is made in Italy, it’s easy to prepare and ready in just 5 minutes!
    • More protein (16g!) and fewer carbs than regular pasta. And 3X the fibre! Turn your favourite recipes in your secret weapon to feel great.
    • FREE FROM wheat, dairy and eggs. 100% plant-based.
    • Rich in minerals essential for women such as Iron, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium to help you fight tiredness.
    • Stay strong and healthy: PastaMagic is high in Vitamin B6 to boost your immune system;
    • Low GI: the good carbs that keep you going for hours!
    • Forget about bloating once and for all! Our pasta is easy to digest!

PastaMagic provides you with the nutrients you need to win your daily battles. And the pleasure you deserve to celebrate your victories.


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Free yourself from feeling stuck

“Some days, after my kids were finally asleep, I used to feel a bit ‘stuck’. I felt down and with no energy, so I kept postponing all the things I would have loved to do.

Swapping to #PastaMagic was the little nudge I needed to start making more time for myself. It reminded me how important it is to treat myself with love.

Within 3 weeks I finally finished the book I had started months before, and I even read another one! I also made time to reconnect with my best friends.

Making dinner time an excuse to treat myself started a positive cycle. Now everything feels so much lighter and exciting, and I end my days feeling very accomplished!”

Lisa M.

34, Leeds

Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be difficult. One small swap can make things much easier: unlock the goodness of PastaMagic.


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Turn the simple things in life into special moments

It starts with ordinary, small daily rituals. Like dinner time.




Simple like the only 3 ingredients in our pasta:

Organic chickpeas. Organic buckwheat. Water.

Yet powerful like the 16g of protein packed in every portion.

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Join other strong women like you

We officially incorporated Leaves just 4 months after our son was born. As a new mum and start-up founder, living abroad with no family support, days were pretty hectic. Soon enough, taking care of myself became the last of my priorities.

Leaves’ mission has always been to find a way to change that script. Self-love is the one thing that kept me sane. And in time, it gave me the energy and positivity I needed to end each day feeling happy and accomplished.

The truth is, women often work twice as hard.

Whether it is caring for our children, helping our clients, supporting our partners or ensuring our house doesn’t fall apart.

Sometimes though, it seems like the world does not notice our efforts.

This doesn’t mean we should not celebrate our victories. Or forget to love ourselves.

I hope our products will help other women to feel light, energised and nourished. And remind them that they are doing a great job and deserve a big warm hug.

Sabine Hobbel

Leaves co-founder, Health Researcher, Lecturer, BA(hons), MA

Leaves’ PastaMagic is nutritious, grain-free pasta specifically designed for women with a busy lifestyle. It's made in Italy with organic buckwheat and chickpeas and it tastes rich and delicious.


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Celebrating YOU

If you ask your family, friends and colleagues, they will say you are a strong, courageous woman.

They love you and admire you. They are proud of you.

Now it’s time you feel like that woman, every day.

Loving yourself starts over dinner: put an extra hug on your plate!

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Is PastaMagic expensive?

On average, one portion of Leaves’ PastaMagic costs about half a coffee.

Plus, it is a balanced and complete meal and it is delicious even on its own. Or you can add your favourite sauce to it.

In any case, it’s quite a great deal!

Buckwheat and chickpeas pasta: I can’t imagine what it tastes like! Is it good?

Well, we definitely love it! And so do all the people that write to us every day saying that they’re crazy about our product.

PastaMagic has a rich, nutty taste. Because the flours are stone-milled freshly, right before every batch, every bite fills your mouth and nose with unique flavours and scents. In a second, you’re transported to the sunny Italian countryside!

It has a pleasant consistency and a delicate texture. This is due to the fact that we treat each ingredient gently, without any additive.

I don’t have the time to cook elaborate meals during the week. Is PastaMagic complex to prepare?

Cooking Leaves PastaMagic couldn’t be easier. You just need a pot of boiling water and 5 minutes of your time! It’s a great solution when you are in a hurry, looking for something quick, simple and healthy. But also when you feel inspired to create mouthwatering recipes: PastaMagic is very versatile and works in a number of dishes (salads, mains, sides, soups).

What does “slow dried at low temperature” mean? And why does it matter?

Drying is one of the most important steps when making pasta. We use traditional Italian methods and give PastaMagic the time it needs to develop its characteristic texture and nutritional profile.

Mass produced pasta is usually dried in just a couple of hours at very high temperatures. The protein shrink together and become hard to digest (and longer to cook), and the majority of the micronutrients are destroyed and lost.

On the contrary, it takes up to 14 hours to make a batch of PastaMagic. You’ll feel the difference!

Are you a mother, too? Inspire them with self-love

“I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is”


Because indulging yourself is good for your family too

You’re an awesome mum. You are always there for the most important people in your life.

Now it’s your time to sit back, relax and show some love to yourself!

One day, they will thank you for that!

“I can tell them all day to eat healthy foods and to take care of their little souls, but unless they see me doing it, and really get to experience the benefits (calm, happy mom who is excited and joyful to be taking care of them) then they just won’t learn in the same visceral way.”

Cozetta Corbett

Author, MRT, Health Counselor

Loving yourself starts over dinner. Treat yourself like the awesome person you know you are.


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